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Kelly Su Lim, LMT, CLT

Medical Massage Therapist           860.368.1648

specializing in Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage

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​"Kelly Su Lim is an amazing therapist who helped me tremendously with my lymphedema. The swelling in my left arm, due to cancer treatments, was painful and ugly. Kelly was able, through massage and wrapping, to alleviate the swelling and the pain. In addition, she listened carefully when I told her what gave me the greatest relief and took my comments seriously, something that my doctors didn't!"  M.L.

“After consulting unsuccessfully with surgeons and physical therapists about my axillary web syndrome following surgery for breast cancer, I finally found Kelly Su Lim. She was knowledgeable about the problem and her treatment was extremely effective. Within six weeks, I had regained my full range of motion and the pain and stiffness had vanished. She also provided prophylactic lymph drainage treatment during my course of radiation. Her skills and support were invaluable to me during my cancer treatment.”  R.E.

“I so highly recommend Kelly to anyone! She is incredibly knowledgeable and talented and generous of her time. I went to see her for the first time after being stuffy and unable to sleep well for weeks. I literally walked out of there able to breathe deeply for the first time in almost a month! Even better than that - the relief lasted! I slept well and the congestion never returned. I have since been back to see her for a long term clenching of my jaw and she's always been extremely helpful and the results speak for themselves. Thank you, Kelly!”  T.K.

"When I first met Kelly I was having TMJ pain and headaches all the time. After the third session with Kelly I can't tell you how much better I felt. The pain and headaches were a part of my everyday life, and suddenly I found myself having to think about the last time I'd had a headache or TMJ pain. Thank you again, Kelly, for all you have done for me!"  D.D.

“I am very proud to be professionally associated with Kelly Su Lim.  Since her Vodder certification in 2009, Kelly Su and I have exchanged ideas regarding treatment options for challenging patients. She is a compassionate caregiver with exceptional skills. After my lymphedema patients complete their intensive phase of treatment, they frequently seek ongoing manual lymph drainage and support. They have all been impressed with Kelly Su’s insight and talent, both in lymphatic massage and a wide variety of complimentary therapeutic techniques.” Gail Hendsey, PT, CLT-LANA, Integrated Rehabilitation Services, Bloomfield, CT

“I am fortunate that Kelly Su and I are able to refer patients to each other. Patients speak very highly of her professional caring approach, depth of knowledge, and wonderful manual skills. Kelly Su maintains her Vodder certification by attending Reviews every other year. While attending these Reviews, I have been able to observe Kelly Su’s hands at work, and she truly has a healing touch.” Jane T. Reinsch, MA, PT, CLT-LANA (retired), Center for Physical Therapy and Wellness, Bloomfield, CT

“Kelly Su Lim's services have been a beneficial compliment to my patients during and after their physical therapy rehabilitation. All of the patients that I have referred to Kelly Su have raved about her expertise as a massage therapist and a healer. She is compassionate, professional and has excellent massage therapy skills. I am thrilled to have Kelly Su as part of our team at Hartford HealthCare.” Gretchin Bade, PT, CLT, Cert. MDT, Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network, Windsor, CT

"My practice consists of a number of chronic pain patients and complex musculoskeletal injuries. Kelly has successfully treated several of my most difficult patients. She was able to develop detailed individual treatment plans and communicate clearly to me regarding each case in a timely fashion. Kelly has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and an impressive repertoire of massage techniques. These skills combined with compassion, sensitivity and professionalism put her at the top of the medical massage profession."  Jennifer J. McPeek, D.O., Steamboat Springs, CO

“I have been to many massage therapists. Kelly Su Lim is the most incredibly talented, knowledgeable and effective clinician ever. She has dramatically improved two of my clients. Since seeing Kelly, my clients have decreased pain, increased mobility and stability, improved overall alignment, and they are back to normal function and doing what they used to do.”  Katie Thornhill, owner, Personal Pilates Plus, Denver, CO

"I am very pleased to be able to tell you of the fantastic treatment that I have received from Kelly Su Lim for nearly seven years. I first started seeing Kelly after an auto accident that left me with severe back pain. She quickly pinpointed the problem areas and set out relieving the pain. I have seen her for routine neuromuscular work, post-surgery work and manual lymph drainage. I always say that she has magic hands and knows exactly what she needs to do to alleviate the pain. Her knowledge is only surpassed by her serene presence and compassionate treatment. I have recommended her to a number of people who instantly felt the same about Kelly's talents and became steadfast followers."  M.B.